Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow Day!!

December 8, 2009
This was our first time bundling up for a snow day!!

Kayleigh spent all of her time watching from the doorway.  But she seemed happy with that.

Every time we've gone out in a storm, Kayleigh opens her mouth wide to try and catch it.  Today is no different I guess.  She is trying to catch what Jayden is brushing off his gloves. :)  What a cutie!

Jayden and Ethan got right into it.

They both made snow angels.

And Jayden made a snow circle.

He didn't like it much when Ethan threw snow on him though.

But my evidence suggests that he did the lion's share of throwing snow on people...

And he did like that, as yo can see :)

 After everyone was frozen solid, we came back in the house, bundled up with blankets and watched a movie.
All in all it was a wonderful day!!

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