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Happy Anniversary Jay!

Written Dec 11,2009
Just a note: because I use this to replace my journal, some posts are of a somewhat personal note.  I write this first and foremost for myself and my posterity :).  You are of course welcome to read all of it but I wanted to make sure it's known that this is a personal one.  So, though my blog is always kid friendly, it may be boring or cheesy.  Consider yourself warned! :)

We celebrated our 8th anniversary this week.  What a wonderful week it has been!  Thanks to my sisters, Rachel and Jana, we got to celebrate it twice.  Tuesday we went out to dinner and then went shopping.  Then Last night we got to stay at the Anniversary Inn.  It seemed like the evening was doomed to disaster.  Jay couldn't get off early, and then at the last minute he had to do a service call.  They ended up not having the parts so they had to wait there in park city while someone brought them up from Salt lake.   He ended up being later than he has been in a very long time!  At long last, he arrived home and we got out of the house by 8.  We stayed in the Romeo and Juliet room and it was so beautiful and nice.  After we checked out we went to italian village and then took care of some Christmas Shopping.  The best part was just being able to escape for a while!!  I love my kids so much and I did miss them, but its rare that Jay and I even leave them.  So it was nice to just spend time with him for once.
How quickly time passes!  It is so fun to think of all of the little experiences that lead to us being together.  I had spent at least a few years of my life hunting for the love of my life, and worrying that he would pass me by someday and I wouldn't even know it.  Funny the silly things we worry about huh?  Then I find him at I time when I am not looking, in a place I would never expect.  Of course I feel like my story is so romantic.  (but I guess everyone does, falling in love is generally romantic... :)  And being the romantic that I am, I feel it was totally meant to be and totally perfect :).  The first time I met jay was in the fall of 1999.  We served around each other for four months in my first and his last area of the mission.  He had a serious girlfriend, and his companion liked to tease him about his stack of pictures and the life size cut out of herself that she mailed to him.  I respected him a lot, for being a good, obedient missionary, and he seemed shy, humble, real, and sweet. Not to mention he was so cute with all the kids in the ward we served in.  He used to do magic tricks for them, and make them laugh.  Another funny thing is that my companion used to joke with me that Elder Turpin and I would be perfect for each other.  I would of course shoot back that I would have to go home and beat up his girlfriend/wife :).  Of course I never thought of anything other than friendship at the time.  We were missionaries first and foremost, and furthermore, he was taken. 
I left the area in early December, just a month or two before he was to return home.  I had a strange experience when I said goodbye to him, I felt strong tingling feeling as we shook hands.  It was so poignant  that I thought about it several times as I drove to my next area and in the next weeks.  Of course, again I shook it off because, like I said, we were missionaries and he was taken, and less than two months from going home.  He didn't tell me this, but the week that I left the area, his girlfriend had written him the infamous dear john letter.  My companion talked to his companion and after I heard about his dear john letter I REALLY wanted to talk to him and say sorry, but I NEVER DID!!! :)
So he went home and dated a bunch of girls and I went on to finish my mission.  When I got home I felt very strange and uncomfortable.  I didn't have my usual desire to get involved with my singles ward, all I wanted to do is see other missionaries from my mission.  I guess I thought they would understand what I was going through, or they seemed familiar to me.  Even months after coming home, I felt like a alien in some ways, like a weirdo!  (I know I'm always a little weird, but more than usual!) 
My sister had been traveling a lot to Utah to meet with her fiance so I decided to tag along and set up a mission party.  I called and emailed everyone I could find and then asked all of them to send it on to any other missionaries.  The day I was to leave for Utah my little sister told me someone had called for the address to the party, but she hadn't taken the name.  I was upset and felt a strong urgency to reach that person, and as luck would have it, Jay called literally as we were walking out the door to leave for Utah.  Another funny detail is that he had just been in Vegas for a week and he knew I lived there.  He wanted to call, but was too chicken, and hoped somehow that we would run into each other.(like the locals just go and walk the strip for exercise :)  So he was surprised when he got home to find a message from me of all people telling him about the party.
So he came, and he looked very handsome I must say!!  We  shared several glances during a game that we played and then he came over to talk to my little niece who was sitting on my lap.  Several of my family were there and got to meet the missionaries I served around.  I knew how much he liked kids, so it was kind of funny seeing her give him the cold shoulder at first.  Not surprisingly, she eventually warmed up to him.  He stayed till all of the other missionaries had gone and then asked me to come outside to talk to him.  He asked me out and of course I said yes!  I guess the rest of our history will have to wait till my next anniversary, but suffice it to say, he was a wonderful friend, who became my priceless, amazing best friend.  I feel thankful each day for the little moments that lead to our relationship.  And all of the millions of little moments since and to come.

I should make him tell his side of the story too, because he had some similar experiences to mine.  He made me feel special from those first wonderful days, and still makes me feel so valued and loved.
I have to take a minute to express my gratitude for Jay.  At this time of year I always feel particularly thankful for all that he does for us.  Because he works as a plumber on new construction, he is often not protected from the elements.  The last week has been particularly cold; and he has worked many days in negative temperatures in a windy canyon above park city.  I have felt so sorry for him as I watch him walk out the door each morning.  I am so thankful that he sacrifices his own comfort and works so hard so that I can stay home with our kids.  I am thankful that he is a little kid at heart and actually enjoys playing with our children.  He seems to look forward to time with them and they think he is the most fun person in the world!  Jayden and Ethan often ask where he is and when he will get home.  When we got home today, they both ran right up to him.  And when Kayleigh saw him her eyes opened wide in surprise and excitement.  Even as little as she is, she already wants her special time with daddy.  Tonight they played in the "toy room" and I tried to keep her with me.  She squirmed and screamed out till I put her down, then she raced as fast as her hands and legs could carry her into the room. 
I love his calm, common sense way of looking at things.  I tend to be embarrassingly volitile, and he has helped me so many times to see things in a calmer light.  I am thankful for all of the help he gives me with the house and the care of our children.  I would be such a mess!  (Who am I kidding?  I am already a mess. But I don't want to imagine the horror my life and my house would be without his help.  It is a scary thought.)
Most importantly, I am so thankful for all of the good things he does and wants to do.  I am so thankful that the Savior and His gospel are important to him.  I am thankful that he knows how important it is to live it and teach correct principles to our children.  Even in the time I have known him, I have seen him grow so much.  I know it is because he tries so hard to do what is right, and I am thankful for his good character.  As we drove he talked about some goals he wanted to set to help our kids become more familiar with the scriptures.  Thank you Jay for choosing me and for supporting and loving me all of these years.  Thanks for being your amazing, fun self.  I love you more than I could ever say.

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