Monday, December 28, 2009

Random Pics

I've been enjoying my camera too much!  Here's some picture randomness...
These first pictures are a fairly typical night at our house.  (Of course they don't always end in crying.  I guess we got carried away in our picture taking :)

I pulled out the camera to catch Kayleigh who was systmatically emptying and then refilling the diaper box.

Then since she saw the camera, she decided to come check it out.

Then sexy daddy got home,

And the kids all LOVE when daddy gets home!

This is what happens when daddy tries to relax and watch tv.

Then daddy decided to have some fun of his own.
The kids were still having fun at this point...

But Jayden didn't so much like heights.

And Kayleight didn't want to be an acrobat...

So we all settled down and watched some tv. :)

Here's our little reader!  She loves books lately.

Bath Time!

Going home after visiting grandpa Turpin.
Ethan got a new hat...his favorite!!

Their favorite closet club house!!

It is pretty well known that Ethan loves hats.  Over the last year, Ethan has taken a liking to wearing underwear on his head.  Usually he stole them from Jayden's drawer, so it was only a little annoying when I had difficulty finding clean underwear for Jayden as a result.  But recently I busted him a couple of times putting on dirty underwear from the laundry.  After taking off one pair and being so disgusted by their state that I gagged, the captain underpants getup had to go.  At first he was pretty sad that he couldn't "be megatron" anymore.  But he quickly bounced back and started putting any shirt he can find on his least its a less risky substitute.

Jayden had lots of fun delivering most of our Christmas treats to our neighbors.  After we got back home, he still wanted to play in the snow some more.
He was pretending to be a dog, and he is sleeping in this one.

Now he's panting.

I Loved these two shots.

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Connie and Rob said...

So many cute pictures. I couldn't even pick my favorite! So much joy wrapped up in everyday things!