Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Street

This year we decided it would be too cold for Kayleigh to ride the trax to temple square so we decided to drive around and find some lights.  Both Jay and I drove on Christmas Street as kids so we decided to go and find that.  It is around 15th east and 17th south.  It wasn't exactly how we remembered it.  Some houses had lots of lights, but it wasn't nearly as lit or crowded as I remember it.  So we decided to keep driving around the area and look for more lights.  We continued west on "Christmas Street" and after a block or two of nothing, we happened upon an even better street!  Most of the houses on the street had big wooden pictures of Jesus and a scripture caption.  The street starts at his birth and as you progress along, it goes through his whole life.  It was really neat!  There weren't many people so we were able to stop and look at them.
Jayden asked me if we were going back to Christmas street again several times in the days following and I finally said something like it didn't have many more lights than anywhere else.  He replied, "but what about the pictures of Jesus?"  (What a humbling experience for me!!)  I promised him we would go see them again.  It's amazing what my kids have taught me about priorities, and what's really important.  Here I was frantically making preparations for all of our parties and gifts, and he just wanted to go see pictures of Jesus again.

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