Saturday, December 12, 2009

Logan, Ethan's Birthday, and Dinosnorzz

(Just a note: this was mostly written November 22nd.)
We are still packing our weekends with fun activities! I guess life never slows down. We spent the first weekend of November in Logan. The kids had fun playing and watching daddy use a jack hammer to pound up cement in his friend's basement. At first they refused to come downstairs to see him because the noise scared them. I made them, because I wanted them to see Jay working. They loved it after they got over their initial fears. I must admit it was kind of cool seeing him using it so skillfully. He occasionally curses the day he chose this profession, but I am so proud of him for all he has grown and learned over these last four years.

Ethan's birthday was the next wednesday, so we celebrated on Tuesday to make it possible for Jay to be at his Young men's activity.  Ethan wanted to "go eat something and watch a movie"  so that's what we did.  We went to KFC so they could get "pop shakes"  and chicken nuggets and biscuits.  Then we watched "Where the Wild Things Are".  The boys liked it because it had monsters and they loved the dirt fight; but I wished it had been a little more light hearted.  It was pretty depressing through the whole thing.

The weekend after Ethan's birthday we went to dinosnorzz!  We waited three months for this since they cancelled the last two months, so we were REALLY eager to finally get to go.  And it was WELL worth the wait.  We dropped Kayleigh off to spend the night with Aunt Laura, and headed down to Thanksgiving point.  After we piled our sleeping bags in the corner, they loaded us up with candy, popcorn and drinks and sent us in to watch their 3D dinosaur movie.  Then they split us into groups to take a tour of the museum.  Jayden is really interested in dinosaurs and likes to ask me "How did the dinosaurs die?"  (I have attempted to answer this question at least 100 times :)  Or he'll announce to others, family and strangers alike "the dinosaurs are dead."  His interest made us excited for this experience, but our boys were younger than most of the other kids there.  I hoped they weren't too young to be able to participate.  The tour starts with a dark hallway full of stars.  Jayden refused to enter the hallway and seemed on the verge of a tantrum, and I feared that was the beginning of the end of our fun there.  I was afraid of the embarrassment of a tantrum so I threatened that we would leave.  That was enough to help him gather his courage and make it through, he even begged to go back through the hall later.  We saw tons of fossils, learned lots of new facts, and had an amazing time.  Both boys were fascinated by all of the amazing dinosaurs we saw and they had other activities on the tour to keep them involved as well.  We hunted for knomes who protect the museum.   Jay and the boys crawled through a little cave.  They played with water and sand on their erosion table, made rubbings of different fossils and made a pretend dinosaur by putting arms and legs on a dinosaur model with magnetic pieces.  (Jayden put on all of the different kinds of pieces and he ended up with about 8 legs).  They also got to take brushes and uncover fossils in a little sandy digging area and watch "modern day dinosaurs"  eating their goldfish dinner.

Jay loved spending time as a family, and seeing how excited both of our boys were.  He loved how Jayden would jump every time a big dinosaur would show up on the 3D movie.  He said Jayden would lower his glasses for a minute to look at it and then put them back on.  My favorite fossils were the biggest turtle I've ever seen, the shark that makes a modern day great white shark look miniscule in comparison to size, and the cute baby mammoth fossil.  Ethan was so afraid of the shark and Jay thought it was so funny.  He pretended to throw him and Jayden into its mouth.(I wish I thought to get pictures of that!)  I just asked Jayden his favorite thing so it might not be as accurate as that day.   He said it was the stegosaurus and the t rex, as well as the water table.  Ethan said he liked the water table too.
After all of that, they had a scavenger hunt and everyone got a little dinosaur glider when they solved the last clue at the brachiosaurus.  Then we all laid out our sleeping bags under the dinosaurs and got ready for bed.

We slept in the corner behind this "utah raptor".

Sitting by the brachiosaurus foot.

This is the view we had from the floor :).

I have to admit, it wasn't the best sleep for me.  (I wished I brought two mats :)  But the experience for my boys made it SO worth it.  In the morning they woke us with sounds of birds and dinosaurs.  My FAVORITE memory of Ethan was when he woke up in the morning.  I think when he went to sleep, he imagined he'd find himself back in his own bed by morning.  He woke up completely amazed that the dinosaurs were still there.  He was running around our little area and exclaiming in an excited voice "look at the dinosaurs!"  He seemed almost overwhelmed with joy, pointing out each new one he saw to me.  I thought my heart would burst it was so adorable! 

My other favorite thing Ethan did is say the dinosaur names.  He actually knew what a triceratops and brachiosaurus were even before they told him (thank you, dinosaur train!)  I also was amazed how well he said them, he enunciated almost perfectly.  He is a good talker but still so little, so it was surprising and cute to hear him say brachiosaurus almost correctly.  Jayden was fun because he was so involved in all we did.  He had so many questions and wanted to know what everything was and  try everything.  There were a bunch of exhibits you could touch, and they let you know by putting a hand signal on them.  He figured that out quickly and would say "It's a hand one, you can touch it."  This is a funny story that happened after we got home and he was talking to his cousin Dalton.  Dalton: If I were there I would touch the dinosaurs.  Jayden: You can't touch them!  Unless they have a hand on them.  (They argued back and forth and Jay finally told Jayden that Dalton was just pretending.)  Jayden said this: "That's wonderful Dalton, that would be wonderful if you could, but you can't. "
After we got dressed and they made us breakfast, we thought it was time to go home.  But they had three more classes.  We got to talk to a paleontologist, make a wooden dinosaur 3d puzzle, and make a plaster cast of a fossil, and use a tool real paleontologists use to uncover and outline a fish fossil.  It was such a memorable experience and worth every penny.

Last week seemed equally busy, but I got a fun break on Thursday.  Jay graciously offered to babysit all of the kids overnight on new moon's opening night.  I was so worried as thursday night approached.  Jay had been sick all week and then EVERYTHING went wrong Thursday afternoon.
Kayleigh had bad diaper rash that I had tried in several ways to get rid of and Wednesday she had thrown up and started developing a fever.  I thought it was related to the diaper rash so I called for an appointment.  Thursday afternoon I loaded up the kids and was going to see the doctor quickly and then pick up Jay.  Sounds pretty simple right??  So we get to the doctors office and Ethan had fallen asleep.  I wake him and start to unhook his seat belt when he coughs and something disgusting flew out of his mouth and landed on his leg.  The smell immediately makes clear that he has just shot a ball of vomit onto himself...  In panic, I reach for the only cloth I can find, a new pair of pants that his grandpa gave him for his birthday.  As I am sopping up the puke with the pants it occurs to me that it might have been smarter to use the miracle new clean outfit in the car to change into rather than wiping up stinky throw up so that now I have two stinky pairs of pants.  Yeah...unfortunately, my good ideas often come too late.  So I wiped the spot with baby wipes in a futile attempt to remove the smellyness, and hauled my kids out of the car.  I had been giving Kayleigh tylenol for the uncomfortable rash as well as her fever, but decided to leave her off it so they could get a more accurate view of her symptoms.  I intended to give her some immediately after they took her temperature, but of course forgot to bring it.  So the doctor diagnosed the rash and gave me a prescription, but said the fever was something else and they needed to find out what.  He thought after looking at her that it was probably a urinary tract infection and they had to catheterize her.  It was SO awful.  She had already been pretty unhappy, but this sent her completely out of control.  I could barely keep back the tears as I held her down.  They left me alone to comfort her while they looked at her urine sample.  I finally calmed her enough to lay on my chest and listen to me sing after several minutes.  I thought the worst was over until I felt her body heave.  I ran toward the sink with her but the second heave came too quickly and I found myself and her COVERED guessed it...throw up.  Luckily, she was already naked down to a diaper so her clean up was pretty fast, in spite of the fact that she was in NO mood for a bath.  I had tried to prevent any from hitting the floor, and there were only a couple of tiny splatters to clean up.  Then, I turned my attention to the endless sea of reeking white slime that flooded over my chest.  My shirt was all wet and I still couldn't get it off.  Not to mention, Kayleigh was laying awkwardly in my free arm, crying pathetically. She wanted to be cuddled, so I gave up. I clutched her to my chest the entire remainder of the visit.  It was actually nice to have her there to cover it for me:).  The boys were very well behaved through all of this and that made it much better for me.  Finally they gave me another prescription and sent us on our way. 
I was so uncertain what to do.  Kayleigh had drifted to sleep the second we got into the car, but Jay was clearly still sick and I feared it would be a long night without me there.  But I REALLY needed a night off and I had been looking forward to it for some time.  Jay assured me they would be fine, and after I called and found out that everyone was happy and having fun, I was able to relax and enjoy my evening, I even forgot about my stinky shirt! :)

I went with four of my sisters and a cousin to a twilight convention.  We had waited too long to get tickets to the theater we wanted to go to and had to buy the convention ticket to get good assigned seats.  I figured it would be dumb, but was excited to spend the whole evening with my sisters.  It ended up being the perfect evening!  We took pictures in a photo booth and looked at all of the exhibits, and I found a dress for Kayleigh that I just couldn't leave on the rack :)  It was too cute.

This is my twilight dress :)

My updo :)

They also had a beauty college there giving updos and manicures.  That was my favorite part!  I felt so pampered!  And it was fun to be silly and laugh at myself a little bit.  I haven't done that in a really long time.  We went to burger king between the convention and the movie and got twilight crowns and took funny pictures.  Then we wore the crowns to the movie.  So I showed up at the theater with a flashy updo and a burger king crown.  I'm sure I looked like an idiot, but I didn't care.  It was a carefree, silly, immature evening, and I loved every minute of it.  The movie was great if I don't analyze it too deeply, but the night with my sisters was priceless.  Thanks Jay!

Finally, this weekend we found an open time for Ethan's birthday party.  He wanted a tractor cake.  In fact, when people would ask him what he wanted for a present, all he would say is that he wants a tractor cake.  So I made my usual feeble attempt and he was really excited.  Kids make every effort so worthwhile.  They are so sweet and grateful.  Ethan is particularly cute about gifts and things.  He learned at a very young age to show excitement I guess.  As early as last Christmas he was doing this, but Saturday was no different.  He would open a new thing and even if it was a shirt or something, he would be like "Wow!  Awesome!  Or some other courteous response.  He got lots of cute clothes and toys and we had a great time with all of our family who came.

He shot someone in the head with his nerf dart :) (I think it was his aunt Ginger, but I am not positive.)

Someone took the eyes off the cake and put them in this halloween mask. :)


Connie and Rob said...

The dinasaur trip looked really fun. Thanks for sharing their reactions. I feel like I was there with you. The movie night looked fun, too! I wish the rest of us girls could have been there, too! We did get to see the movie, though! I liked the movie - but I don't expect anything from a movie but entertainment. At the end I was ready for it to keep going, so I was definitely entertained. Ethan's birthday cake was SO cute! He even told me about that cake when you came down for Thanksgiving. It was definitely the highlight of his birthday for him. Isn't he lucky to have a mother who is willing to go the extra mile for his birthday cake?

BreAna Palmer said...

if I had a little girl I would have bought that same twilight dress. I fell in love with that dress the moment I saw it. I am so glad that you bought it.