Monday, December 28, 2009

Crazy Christmas Eve!

We crammed a lot of visits in on Christmas Eve, and it made for a busy, but fun day.  We started early going to Laura's house in the middle of the day.  It was a little different this year, not meeting with all of mom's family, but it was fun even with our smaller family group.  It was just Laura and Dalton, Randall and Candice, Rhonda and Arin for a while, and then us.  I forgot to pull out my camera, but the kids got to play with Dalton and see what Santa brought early for him.  We prepared our traditional Stuffed cabbage (mmmmmm...).  As soon as we ate, we had to run to Grandpa Turpin's house.  So we didn't do the usual nativity and present opening this year.
Grandpa and Abuelita decided to do their Christmas gathering on Christmas Eve this year.  The kids loved the lasagna and breadsticks.  After dinner Grandpa read a talk that Elder Holland gave earlier this year about the Savior and then we opened presents. 

Our final stop was at grandma milligan's
Yes, it was our third meal within less than 5 hours :)
This was the one Jay was most looking forward to!
After dinner grandma played some christmas carols on her new piano.
Ethan and Koda "helped" grandma play.

Jayden was loving this face.  I could not get him to stop squinting that eye.  When I told him to quit, it just became funny for him, so he did that same face all night.  I guess I shouldn't have called it a pirate face.  That must have sounded cool to him :).

Ethan took it upon himself to make sure no pop was wasted.  He finished off any can he found.  He also ate tons of grandma's ham.  He is our little carnivore.

Kayleigh would have liked to help Ethan with his quest, but unfortunately for her, she only got the empties.

After Grandma's we went home and put everyone in their jammies and in bed.  Jay and I stayed up till after 2 wrapping everything and helping Santa.  Kayleigh decided to start breaking in four teeth that night as well, so we spent part of the time trying to soothe her.  She was so miserable, she cried herself hoarse, but she finally drifted off with the help of some tylenol and a back rub.

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