Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa and the Grinch in one Day? Hooray!!

The night after I returned from Nevada we made an attempt to put up our tree.  I don't know if it was jetlag or something else, but I didn't feel well and we only got this far... 

Grandpa came over for dinner because Abuelita was still in Columbia.

I am embarrassed to admit that it is still at that state now!  In fact worse, one of the kids must have hung on the one side and bent down some of the branches...it looks awesome now with one saggy flat side :).  We have had a busy month :).  MAYBE we'll bend them back and finish decorating before Christmas.
The first Saturday in December we had two Christmas parties. First, we went with Jana to her work Christmas party. Her company reserves five theaters at Jordan commons for an early morning movie and they give you a bag of treats. Then after the movie, the kids get to see Santa. It reminds me of a tradition they did when I was a kid. We went to Villa theater every year with Associated foods when we were little. I thought it was amazing because the screen was so big. Then they gave us a stocking full of treats. That was the best part:). I'm glad we've been able to go with Jana these last couple of years.

All ready to go!!

Patiently waiting for Santa!

Jayden wanted a "Devastator" for Christmas

Ethan wants "Darth Vader." 

Should I be concerned that both of my boys want bad guys for Christmas??

Saturday night was the Turpin family Christmas party. The kids had the chance to meet the Grinch! So in one day they got to meet two Christmas Celebrities, what a day :). We had one little mishap when I tried to make Jayden try his potatoes. He decided to throw up. (That'll teach me to make him try new things huh?) Jay cleaned him up while I cleaned his chair and we were able to enjoy the rest of the party. The Grinch was feeling generous and gave all of the kids a new toy. Kayleigh loved hers!! She wouldn't part with it the rest of the night.

I had to post these too.
More picture fun the morning after we got home from Nevada.
I guess I should have put away my pile of stuff from the van first.

Jayden's friend Zack came over to play after preschool!

"I'm a potato hat!" ---translation: I'm a potato head.
He particularly loves his optimus prime potato head.

Kayleigh helped me eat my gourmet apple.  Yummy! :)


BreAna Palmer said...

okay, that has to be the scariest looking grinch I have ever seen. lol. My kids would have been freaking out.

Tara said...

She actually did scare my nephew!! She is a professional clown and I don't know if she rented it or owns it, but it was pretty crazy looking. Especially her neon green contacts.