Monday, October 12, 2009

One more Ethan funny

This weekend, Jay had a sleep over with the boys while I took a little overnight vacation with some of the girls in my family.  They watched a cartoon zombie movie and Ethan really liked the monsters.  Jay asked him to tell his uncle Carl what the zombies said and he said "GRRRAAAPES."  Then the next day Jay was joking with him about it again and he said "Monster, don't take my grapes."

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Funny Stories

I keep meaning to update my blog, but I never do!! I really don't want to forget these stories so here I go. These first two both happened in the past week, and thanks Jay for letting me embarrass you by writing them. :) I have to record his rare gaffes because I am usually the airhead of this relationship.
I was up really late last week and heard Jayden crying. Jay got up and helped him, but he continued to cry. I went upstairs and he was pathetically repeating "itcheeeeee, itcheeee". He had an itchy bum a couple months ago and we forced him to let us put some cornstarch on it to soothe it. He said that daddy had done that again, but it was still itching. I figured the only answer was to give him a 1am bath. That immediately solved the problem and he went to bed a much happier boy. The next day I kept wondering where Jay found corn starch to use because I thought we were out. I finally asked him, because I couldn't find it. He assured me we did and I asked where he found it. He thought for a second and said he actually used baking powder..."they're all the same right?" I tried to control my chuckles...a little, and said, "um no, honey, I think baking powder is an acid"
The second one was only a few days ago. Jay ran into Walmart to get a few things while the rest of us waited in the car. He LOVES Halloween and when he came back out he had a "special treat" for the boys. He bought each of them a realistic looking gummy finger with a harder candy in the middle simulating a bone. They looked really disgusting and when he tried to get Jayden to eat it he was as adamant as I have ever seen him. In sheer horror and disgust he screamed "No! I won't eat it!!" Somehow Jay bribed him into taking a bite. He chewed it for a second and then hurled ALL OVER himself, his car seat, and even the seat of the car. He was so revolted, that he kept heaving over and over. Jay took a bite and then threw the rest of it away. I teased him for wasting it and he admitted it was a little disturbing chewing it with the gummy texture on top of the harder texture.

Here's a couple of funny or cute things the boys have said over the past couple months: Ethan was eating cereal for breakfast when he noticed a bag of pretzels on the table. An argument ensued: "I want pretzels" "You have to eat your cereal first" repeated a few times till he finally said: "I'm scared of the cereal!"
He greeted Kayleigh one morning by saying "Hi beautiful!"
Last week he told me a funny story about a chicken and said "The chicken tickled my tummy. That's a funny chicken!"
One funny for Jayden. He likes to spank people for some reason, and one day he spanked Jay on his way into the shower when he wasn't clothed... Then he said "now my hand needs a shower"
Jayden was riding with Jay when he apparently did something he shouldn't. Jayden said: "Don't do that again. Daddy, you need to make better choices."
Another day he told me "Don't give up. You're a Mommy. Mommies don't give up." (Watch out, I see a career as a motivational speaker in his future! :) They do amaze me though. I feel like a very lucky mommy and wife.