Friday, August 1, 2008


1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!
2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses.

I am finally copying the rest of you :)


Ben and Taryn said...

I have some great memories of you going all the way back to Girls Camp! I was a little Beehive and you were one of those amazing Laurels that I admired.

I remember you bringing me my flowers on my wedding day and seeing all the love and emotion in your eyes.

I remember how grateful we were to you and Jay for getting up early and coming and picking up Stryder and Trevor when we went to the hospital to have Shelby and then just being there with us later that day.

I remember making stuffed mushrooms during a snowstorm with you when were sick because of being pregnant wih Jayden but you still helped us out.

I love you Tara and I think we will continue to have some more great memories together!

Rachel said...

I have tons of good memories of you!

I remember getting letters from you when you were on your mission that were actually addressed to me and you were so interested in what was going on in my little pre-teen/teenage life while you were serving and that made me feel good.

One of the best memories EVER that I'll never forget was after your mission, before you got married, when you took Jana and I to the Adventuredome at Circus Circus! I still remember how we went on that pirate ship ride and LAUGHED AND LAUGHED! It was so fun and it made Jana and I feel really special that you would plan out and do something like that with us!

I have a ton of memories of talking and laughing a lot... We've always been a lot alike and are both rather passionate about what we say in conversations, so it's always fun talking with you! And the laughs are always a good time!

I remember staying at your house a couple summers ago and you did EVERYTHING to make me comfortable and enjoy my time with you! Same story when I stayed a couple days this summer!

You're such a caring and thoughtful person that there are a ton of memories I could go into and I know there will be tons more to come!

I love you!

Jana Brown said...

I have so many fun and wonderful memories of you! One of my favorites would definately have to be the one Rachel mentioned also when you took us to Circus Circus! That is still probably one of my favorite memories/days of all time!!

I also remember one night when I was younger and I believe I was staying at Cari's house for the summer and you and Jay came there from a date you'd gone on and came in in these ridiculous outfits all painted up and had me take a couple pictures of you... Your relationship is definately one that I can only dream of having some day!

You've always been a good example to me, and you're always doing everything you can to make sure that everyone around you is comfortable, and feeling loved!

You've also always shown me so many qualities on how to be a good wife and mother and I'm sure that someday if that is in the plans for me that I would be more than happy to apply all those characteristics to my life!

Thanks for being such a fun and amazing older sister! I look forward to more wonderful memories with you!!

The Brownlemmons said...

Though all of your memories are great, I think I can honestly say that my times with Tara are the most memorable. From our fights with cleaver, cordless phones, and Campbell's soup cans (those were the weapons of choice anyway) to the fun times hanging out with Erica. There is never a dull moment with you, Tara. Memorable as all those are, however, my most favorite memory with you, Tara, also happens to be with your awesome hubby. It was on October 8th 2001. I was a newly returned missionary, and you two were still dating, though I believe you were engaged at that point if memory serves me well. I was sitting in the back seat of your car feeling like an idiot because I couldn't think of anything to say to the amazingly beautiful gal sitting next to me. I was still trying to figure out what lengths you had to go through to convince her to go on a date with this abnoxious idiot. I think the only explaination for that is that you told her I was your younger brother that has some severe mental handicaps, and she took pity on me. Anyway, I still remember you and Jay totally breaking the ice for me with simple, easy-to-understand questions. The ironic thing about it is that, though I had a slow start with the conversation, due to your help, we were up until 3 talking about our lives growing up. We really got to know each other very well right off the bat. If that wasn't enough, I got a call from you about a week later saying that I needed to call this sweet angel, who in my mind wouldn't want to hang out with a vagabond like me, and gave me her number (once again showing the lack of brain power, because I hadn't even asked for Jess' number after the date, Man I was such an idiot). Long story short, well shorter anyway, Tara and Jay, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have the wonderful family I have today, and that thought in and of itself makes me love you so much more than you could ever imagine. Thank you eternally.

Connie and Rob said...

Tara, I'm sorry it has taken me so long to post on this. I hope you end up seeing this comment. My first memory of you was when a sweet little ball placed on my chest right after you were born. You were the shortest and heaviest baby I had had so far and you were curled up really tight! There has never been such a good feeling. Then when you were about 9months and were walking between me and Daddy and you fell. You wouldn't try walking again until you were fifteen months old. And you were so little even then that people made statements like "is she walking already?" You have been such a sweet and spicy daughter all your life. My favorite all time memory of you was that time you fooled Grandpa with cayenne pepper cookies and sweetened milk. I swear, I have never been so entertained! It still gives me a tickle to just think about it. I know your nickname from then on for him has been "terror", but I also know it makes him feel special to think about it. You're his little "terror". We all know that you feel things strongly and I think that's part of why there is so much "life" going on around you. Another favorite memory is the way you used to skip everywhere. Even if I was talking to you, you would do a little hoppity skip while you were standing still (I can't even imagine you standing still when you were little, I can only imagine you standing doing that little hoppity skip thing). Another good memory is how you kept track of everybody. I didn't have to worry when you were home because you always knew where everyone was. And if you didn't, you soon found out!! It was a comfort for me when I was working to know that somebody was keeping track. So many times we have shared concerns and feelings. So many times we have laughed together over happy things. How I've enjoyed watching you with your "boys" (including Jay! - I'm so grateful to have him in our family - he's as fun loving as you are!) You have given protection and caring and life to our family all your life and still try to take care of everybody as much as you can. I love you dearly!!