Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ethan's little mishap

This morning we were leaving for church when Ethan had a little accident. We don't know exactly how it happened, but he ended up face down on the cement next to our front stair. He was in so much pain he just laid there and Jay came to rescue him. The poor little kid! His lip and nose were scraped and his front teeth went into his top lip. Jayden said "there's blood everywhere!" These pictures don't do him justice because the swelling has gone down. His top lip was HUGE this morning. We cleaned him up and decided maybe it was best to keep him home. Ethan was not okay with this plan and immediately and loudly protested that we needed to go bye bye. So we gave him some tylenol and went to church anyway. He looked very pathetic, but he was so happy to get to go to nursery. He always gets so excited and chants "church" when we are getting ready to go on Sundays. He seems much better tonight.
Jayden is constantly delighting us with the cute things he says, and tonight he had a genius plan for staying awake. He said he needed to go potty. Jay took him in there and when it was clear that he didn't really need to go, daddy told him he was done and needed to go to bed. In another attempt to put off bed time, Jayden leaned against the bathroom wall and said "wipe my bum" Jay told him he didn't go poop so he needed to just go to bed. He walked in his room and said "man, this stinks" and repeated "this stinks" a couple more times in his bed. They learn early huh?


Connie and Rob said...

My poor little Ethan!! I'm so glad he wants to go to church no matter what!! Jayden is just a whip! Isn't it funny how life changes. When your little bed time "stinks" and when you get my age bed time "feels so good!" Love ya!

Jana Brown said...

Haha ditto Mom! :) Ethan's boo boo makes me so sad!