Friday, August 15, 2008


Another exciting event this week in a not so good way is that a mouse got into my house! I was so distraught about it, I was determined to catch him! When I first saw him it was in the boys room. I thought I had him quarantined in there. I layed mouse traps across the doorway and spent the day going through EVERY toy, EVERY Drawer, lifting all of their drawers and toy boxes, etc off the floor so I could scare him into my mouse traps. I ended my day exhausted and disappointed. I have NO IDEA how he got out of there!!! I was still determined. Ethan and I slept downstairs for two nights,(I had filled his crib with all of their larger toys and boxes so there would be NOTHING on the floors.) As I worked my way through the rooms trying to make sure that there was no safe haven for a mouse, lining every door and hallway with traps I started to get pretty frustrated. I could not stand the thought of him in my house, but I am so tired all of the time anyway, and this was starting to wear me out!! Luckily, day three was our lucky day! Jayden started screaming in terrible horror and ran to me telling me he saw something scary. I was so relieved to see that the scary thing was our little mouse wriggling on a sticky trap. I wanted to kill it so it wouldn't try to come back in our house in the same way it had the first time. I really tried, but I just couldn't do it. I threw it on the ground as hard as I could, it didn't die, and I felt so bad. I didn't want to hurt it... I know that probably sounds a little ridiculous. I did want it dead, but I did't want it to suffer. It was so small and cute, and so I layed it in the garbage can to wait and make Jay kill it. I had sandwiched the thing between two sticky traps, and within the hour it took for Jay to get home, it had escaped. My only hope is that it didn't also escape the garbage can. That has now been taken to the dump. I am perfectly happy for it to go there and live its little life. I just hope it didn't escape and lead its whole colony into my house!!! I don't think my sanity could handle it! In the end, there is a silver lining. That silly mouse gave me motivation to do some deep cleaning that was WELL overdue. And Jayden and Ethan's room hasn't been this clean in months!! They really enjoyed playing on their clean, uncluttered floor today.

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