Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jay and the Boys

Jay and the boys are wrestling on the bed and I was just thinking how lucky I am. I love to see them play. Both of the boys love to attack daddy and climb all over him. Ethan is laughing his head off while Jay attacks him and then when he turns to Jayden Ethan says "Gain". Again is his favorite word. At night we sing songs at bed time and he always says "gain" over and over between verses and songs. He is really funny about it because we sing the last verse of Old McDonald differently than the rest so he knows its the end. He immediately goes from jumping on his matress and squealing in delighted laughter, to disappointed crying. They are so much fun! I had a hard day yesterday and was really tired by bed time. I made Jayden go to bed and he was really sad. Finally Jay and I went back in his room to comfort him and he was melting my heart. I laid there by him for a minute and he kept putting his arms around my neck and saying "cuddle me" in this pathetic little voice. (It was so sweet, I just couldn't leave him). He finally calmed down and when I told him I needed to go to bed he asked for his dinosaur, and his dinosaur cup. Then when I got back he said cuddle me again but it was in this funny growling authoritative voice. He cracks me up.

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Scrap Chair Potato said...

You have such a cute family. It sounds like you have a great daddy in your house. You are lucky. We have an awesome daddy around here too. There is nothing like seeing a daddy have fun with his sweet!