Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yet another vocabulary post...

I didn't get a good list of Kayleigh's favorite vocabulary words so here's a few more:
sniffing sound- (oink)
CHEESE!- usually means cheese, but occasionally, just stands for food
Ice and Eyes-(she says both of these words perfectly :)  so cute)
eese?- (please?)
She also says DON'T pretty clearly as well.  She is really good at letting people know what she does and DOESN'T want.
Yah! Yah!  This one is thanks to her brothers.  She says this when she is swinging a sword or other object at Jay.
App-o - Apple
tank oo - thank you.  She really says it well, but I usually have to remind her to say it.

One more fun conversation from today.  Jayden and I were looking through a name book and talking about names for the new baby. I put the book down and Kayleigh started looking at it. I asked her jokingly if she was going to help us find a name and she shook her head. Jayden said: “I don’t want her to pick the name. She might pick a name I don’t like, like Kip.”


Candice said...

Kip is a pretty stupid name. I'm with Jayden on that one. Where did he even hear that name?! :)

Melissa DeMoux said...

I agree with Jayden too, especially for a girl. You have such cute kids.

Tara said...

I don't have any idea where he heard it! I had the same thought. It seems like one that hasn't been used since about 1987. :)