Thursday, July 29, 2010

4th of July Part 1 and 2!

Since 4th of July fell on a Sunday this year, we got to celebrate it twice!  On Saturday the 3rd, we did our traditional celebration and it was a perfect day for a parade.  It was a pretty cool day, and I was very thankful for that.  It was the most comfortable weather we've had in years!  All of the kids had a great time.  I brought candy so they didn't have to battle other kids for it, but SO many people threw candy to them, they had more than they wanted!  In my opinion, it was a perfect morning.

Ewww!  Coffee flavored candy :)
Grandma milligan made us a wonderful lunch and we relaxed at her house for the afternoon and then we moved to our house for our evening bbq and to start with the firework fun.  The men left our driveway looking like a war zone, so I think they had fun even before it got dark! 

We headed over to the Magna fireworks and they always have such a great show.  Every year seems better because our kids get older and enjoy it more.  I'm so glad that we can continue with a tradition that was Jay's all through his childhood.  I'm thankful for all of the memories that our kids will have with this fun tradition.

After trekking back to our cars and taking our "secret" shortcut home, we started the BIG fireworks.  Ethan and Kayleigh didn't want to participate this year, so I got to watch caillou with them inside...  lucky me :).  And Jay didn't have to listen to my constant warnings.  I love seeing the little boy grin on Jay's face as he gets his one of rare chances to play with fire.  (taking all safety precautions for my sake of course! :)

Usually Jay's sister and her kids have to miss our Magna parade, etc... because they go to the Layton parade where Chon is a fire fighter and ride on the fire truck.  We had the rare opportunity to join them this year on Monday the 5th of July.  Ethan wasn't so crazy about the idea of riding on top of the truck, but Jayden got to and it was such a fun experience for him!  Thanks Chon for including him!  I really enjoyed the parade.  They have more floats and bands than our little Magna parade and it was fun to see them.

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