Thursday, July 29, 2010

Reunion and Camping

I didn't get any pics of this last weekend, but wanted to post anyway about our one camping trip of the summer.  Jay ended up being on call and couldn't go to the Jensen reunion with us, but since I rested most of the week after mom left I decided to take the kids by myself and let them have a mini camping trip.  The fam was really helpful, Laura let us stay in her tent.  (Jayden remembered sleeping out a couple of summers ago in her tent and was really excited to repeat the experience.)  We left bright and early for the reunion and met the family at the camp ground.  It was only about a two hour drive, but Jayden kept asking if we were in Nevada yet.  He thought it was a pretty long drive.  My fam reserved a camp ground in Manti by the temple.  I haven't been back through Ephraim for years and enjoyed seeing it again.  The reunion was fun, but really hot and tiring!  Ethan completely wore himself out!  He had been playing forever on the playground and the swings and was looking pretty sick to me.  I was swinging him and kept asking him if he wanted to get down and get a drink and he was determined to keep swinging.  Finally, I insisted, and as he got off the swing he threw up EVERYWHERE!  I guess I should have insisted earlier!  Kids are so funny!  I can't imagine he was even enjoying himself with the way he looked, but he was so reluctant to shorten his fun that he just put up with it.  You'd think I never let him outside to play!!
Back at the campground we played on another more well shaded playground.  The kids got to enjoy roasting marshmallows for a minute...(At least I hope they enjoyed it.  My paranoia takes away from those kinds of experiences.)  Roasting marshmallows was the one thing Jayden looked forward to beside sleeping in a tent.  I think it's funny he likes to roast them, since he doesn't even like to eat them.  I guess it benefits me since I can eat them.  I was excited when someone pulled out the sparklers and drew them away from the fire :).  Jayden got burned and decided they weren't so fun, but we had tons, so the other kids played for a long time!  Kayleigh and Ethan even lit some.  Kayleigh wanted to touch the flame at first, but Heather showed her how much more fun it was to wave them.
We had a slow moving morning and then packed everything up and went home.  I don't feel like I did much, but I was so tired when I got home that Jay took care of the kids so I could take a nap!

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