Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back to School

Orientation Day!
I am such a slacker!  My oldest son entered Kindergarten this year and I still haven't recorded this landmark!  Not to mention Ethan started at Sandy's preschool.  I guess better late than never!
During the first week of school for the rest of the kids, the kindergarten teachers scheduled little orientation appts for the kindergarteners.  When we went into his class room, Jayden seemed to burst with excitement.  He jumped up and down like he won a prize when he saw the shelf full of counting blocks and other fun educational toys.  He was so READY to go!
I think his first day was August 2. That first day he ran right in there without any concern for himself, let alone his sad mother.  I don't think he even said goodbye!  I was actually okay until that moment he ran into class and I had to turn and walk away.  My two friends with kids in the same class had the wisdom to wear sunglasses.  I had to walk through a group of other parents trying to blink back my tears.
He really seems to enjoy school.  At first I was afraid that he enjoyed it too much.  He and his friend Zach kept getting into trouble for talking!  I begged, and threatened them to make them sit apart from each other at school, and now I reward them for not sitting by each other with special activities in the afternoons. :).  He really likes his teacher and I am so happy with the experiences he's had so far this year.  I am so far behind that he is finishing his first track break this week.
First Day

With best buddy Zack

Still smiling after school!  That's a good sign right?

Ethan's first Day!

Ethan started about a month later on September 8.  He looked so little with that giant backpack on!  He goes twice a week for a couple of hours and is so proud to be in preschool.  In fact, he tells Kayleigh almost every day that she can't go to his school :)  He especially loves color days when he gets treats! 

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Candice said...

Meleah came up when I was reading this and said "Is that two Jayden's?" (two pics of Jayden side by side) and I said "yes, isn't he cute?" to which she replied "He's very handsome." I agree!