Sunday, June 27, 2010

A couple more words of wisdom...

We'll start with Ethan...  We all know he loves hats, particularly the underwear kind...  Usually when he wears them he is Megatron, or bumblebee, or assorted monsters or superheroes.  This past week or so, whenever he puts on his underwear hat he says:  "I'm a workin' man!"  in this tough little voice.  So adorable!

I forgot to write what an amazing sharer Ethan is.  (Jayden is usually pretty willing too, but with Ethan it's almost like second nature!)  A couple examples...  Ethan was in the middle of one of his many attempts to potty train.  If he went in the potty I gave him only 2 M&M's.  Kayleigh was around when I gave them to him and wanted one too of course.  I planned to pull out another, but before I could he handed over one of his!  Then yesterday, I gave Jayden and Ethan Creamies.  I hadn't given Kayleigh one yet and she went up to him and he took turns with her taking licks till it was gone.  It's funny, because he seems to love to torture her sometimes and she has often avoided him because of it.  But lately they are becoming little pals.  I often find the two of them playing together, or sitting together in a box, or whatever other game they come up with.  I love to watch my kids develop relationships.

Jayden has three that were just remembered or brought to my attention.  He watched Iron man a while back with his daddy at the theater.  Apparently it didn't hold his attention too well.  He was very polite when they got home and said he liked some parts, though he didn't sound too enthusiastic.  A few days later we were watching word girl and they defined the word lackadaisical.  As he often does, he asked me:  "What does lackadaisical mean?"  I proceeded to give him the definition they just gave on the show....bored or you don't care.  He said:  "That's how I felt when we watched Iron Man."

Today he told me that dogs have two names dog and doggie.  I was distracted and just gave a generic agreement.  He reiterated and said: "You know, just like hippopotomus."  (hippo, hippopotomus)  I love how his mind works!  (he is always trying to put together facts and tell me enlightening things he has learned.)

Now for my favorite, he was talking to Jay and said this:  "I feel bad for Darth Vader.  He is so sad because he made bad choices and lost his family.  And family is the most important thing to make you happy."

Just a couple little statements from our little language learner.  Today she was a chatter box as usual.  She said "boop"  and pointed to her diaper, signifying the need for a change.  tick-o tick-o (tickle tickle) is another favorite phrase.  She is amazing at NO and uses it frequently...Today we met Jay's brother David's new puppy.  Several times when Java would bite things (like the table runner on the coffee table)  Kayleigh would say "NO!" in an autoritative manner and try pull it out of her reach.  I hope I didn't already write these but just in case, here are a few other vocabulary words...  Mow=  "more", "I want that", "I'm hungry", "can I have one of those?"  Ba= "drink"  "I want my cup" etc...  uP (well enunciated P)  just what it sounds like; but it also means down. Tee too= thank you.  I think what is so amazing about her is her ability to communicate.  With gestures and pointing she makes it pretty clear what she wants, and has done for a long time now.  And I am particularly amused when I can tell she is enunciating carefully or making unmistakable movements with a piercing stare at me.  It is funny, like she is talking to a child who is not such a good listener to make sure they (I) hear and understand her.  She is very forbearing! :)

Love my kids!


Melissa DeMoux said...

They are so cute. I love that Darth Vadet comment. What a sweetheart.

Erica said...

That is soo flippin cute!
I also love the Darth Vader comment! They are so smart!