Monday, July 21, 2008

Jayden's First Sleep Out

I forgot to record this! Before our Cabin trip, Laura set up her tent in the yard so that she could make sure it was ready for the trip. Jayden wanted to sleep outside too, so he used his Cars sleeping bag for the first time and joined them! Here they are eating cookies, and Laura read stories to them with her flash light.
Ethan had to settle for eating his cookies in the house.
I think he wanted to be outside with Jayden too, poor kid!
Here's the little sleepy head! He had such a good time, he wants Laura to set it up again.


Jana Brown said...

Dang... Laura is totally winning as the coolest aunt! I need to step up my game!! :) Anyway, I love your adorable boys! Can't wait to meet your 3rd!!! SO EXCITING!! :)

Connie & Rob said...

What a cute memory! Laura is really putting her stamp on the little ones. Camping out in the back yard! Building fires from scratch! Roasting marshmallows and making smores! Singing around the campfire! Singing with actions in the cabin! Beautiful memories. But Ethan's sad little face just breaks my heart. I guess she'll just have to set it up again when he's old enough to sleep out!!

Erica said...

Laura is the coolest aunt ever!
That looks like so much fun.
I really enjoyed talking to you last weekend it was so nice finally getting to catch up!