Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Counting Down to Jayden's Birthday

We are looking forward to a couple of busy weeks, so we are already making plans for Jayden's birthday. We gave him the opportunity to choose his bike and his birthday cake, and now that is all he can think about. It was so fun choosing his bike. He rode a bunch of bikes at toys R us and then settled on one with a horn. Now, he asks constantly if he can ride his bike and honk the horn. He isn't always so happy that he has to wait two more weeks either! In fact, he was heartbroken to find out that we weren't having birthday cake for dinner, the night he chose his cake. But since then he has handled it pretty well. He saw a bike on barney yesterday with "a horn like my bike!" He still asks every day for his birthday cake and his bike, but he doesn't get mad when I tell him he has to wait.
This weekend, Jayden had an exciting encounter with a wasp. Last week he was chasing a fly around the house and trying to catch it. He would squeal with great delight every time he got close and it changed directions. I tried to explain to him at the time that bees would sting him if he chased them like that. Unfortunately, he doesn't know the difference between flies and bees. Apparently, he was chasing a wasp in his aunt Crystal's backyard. In between miserable crying gasps he informed us that the "mean fly" got him "on my nose".(we actually figured it was a wasp because it stung him on his forehead as well). I wish we got pictures that night because he looked pretty swollen and red. By yesterday morning, he only had a barely visible red dot on his nose. He loves bugs, but I hope he learned that some bugs like to be loved at a distance. He'll have to stick to ants and potato bugs!
Ethan is saying more and more phrases. The other night he was playing in his giant tonka dump truck and must have gotten stuck. He sits and jabbers to himself and half of it, I don't know what he is saying, so he might have been trying to get my attention for a while. All of the sudden he says clear as can be... "mommy, mommy, I get down!" One of my favorite things he does is his ventriloquist woof. He has finally started attempting at other animal sounds, but up until recently they pretty much all said woof. He loves crawling around pretending he's a dog and letting me pet him or copying any he hears around the neighborhood. The thing that amuses me about it is he gets into his "woof" with his whole body, but never moves his mouth. I think he has a promising career ahead of him! :)
He mimicks what we say a lot and he is really good at telling us "I full" or "ouside" or "bye bye". He particularly likes those since his object in life is to leave the house. Actually, Ethan was my motivation to get out walking again. One Sunday we were really late for church and ended up sitting in the foyer. His one goal was to get into the strollers parked under the coat racks. It distressed him greatly when we would foil his plans. I realized I have been depriving them these past six weeks. We walked several times a week up until then.
I am feeling a little better I think, and I am so excited to be in my second trimester!! Maybe I will be able to get back on top of my house chores. I saw the doctor this morning and heard the heartbeat, everything still looks good! It's always nice to have those little reassurances.
Jay is burning up in the heat, and would just love to have a weekend to relax. He really gets worn out during these hotter times of the year. I'm afraid we have been filling up every day off with family gatherings, or other obligations that come up. His dad has been out of town for a few and both of his duplex renters had problems with their coolers while he was gone. And he has had to carry a heavier load with our house and the boys since I have been so sick. Jay loves the 4th, and in spite of the activities planned, hopefully will be able to relax a little bit. By the way, if anyone has ideas for spectacular sack lunches I would love to hear them. Then at least he could look forward to his lunch. (He's been eating a lot of peanut butter and tuna lately, poor guy) I am so grateful for all he does for us. He is unendingly commited to us and works so hard. I don't feel I deserve him most of the time, he is so good to me and the boys.


Rachel said...

Your kids are so cute! That's too bad that Jayden got stung but it makes for a funny story! Ethan is such a sweetheart! I'm excited to see you guys again when I come up again! Love ya!

Candice said...

I love hearing stories about your kids. We don't see you guys enough. It's hard living so close yet so far away. I can't wait to spend lots of time at the cabin together! How does Jay feel about salads? I have been craving all kinds of salads lately. Especially on a hot day, a little pasta salad or chef salad sounds really good to me. I'm going to have tomatoes coming out of my ears in a couple of weeks, so if he likes garden tomatoes (which I would be pretty suprised if he does) just let me know!

Jana Brown said...

Aah... I love those boys! They're just TOO adorable! I REALLY do need to come out and visit more often! I really wish gas wasn't SO ridiculous! It wouldn't be as bad if I had some regular income, but I'm barely gettin by as is, or I'd be there ALL the time!! But... Only one more week...!!! YAY! So excited!