Monday, July 21, 2008

Jayden's Birthday Party

On July 14th we threw a party for Jayden's third birthday. We did it early so that my mom could come to it before she went back home to NV. It was such a great night! Jayden chose a firetruck cake. I am still new at the cake thing, but it was fun to try. And was certainly a learning experience. Next time, I will use less frosting, or make sure it is a thicker kind and do thinner fondant for the windows. The front one fell off completely before we even sang happy birthday! (I have never used fondant before.) Those were the only parts of the cake that I did. Thank goodness for Laura and Rachel! They did all of the other cute decorations. Here is the cake!
Jayden picked out his bike a couple of weeks before, and he was so excited to finally ride it.
We had our usual taco/nacho night and had lots of family there. After dinner Jayden opened his presents and all the kids played with them for a while.(The tail in the picture is from a game my parents gave to him.) Then he blew out his candles and we all had RED cake!
Ethan ESPECIALLY liked the cake! We ended the evening with a water fight. Most of the kids had water guns but Grandpa Turpin found a bucket after Felipe threw ice water on him. I think Jay was the one who ended up most wet. We were very happy that so many people came and it ended up being an unforgettable night. I am grateful for all of the amazing family we have. Thanks for making it memorable for us!
We probably confused Jayden about when exactly his birthday is, because Friday we took him to Kung Foo Panda and Cold Stone "for his Birthday". And Saturday(his actual birthday) we wished him happy birthday, and he, Daddy, and Ethan went out for some father son fun. Mommy stayed home because she was sick, AGAIN!
When we told Jayden he was three years old he said, "I'm not three, I'm fourteen." That must be his favorite number because he has repeated it several times since then! What a cutie! Daddy and the boys had a great time. They went to the park, the pet store, and to seven eleven where daddy bought both of them their own "little pop." It was the first time Jay bought one for Ethan because he just learned how to drink from a straw. Jay said Ethan was SO excited to finally have his own. He would hold it up to show it to Jay and say "Pop!" with a big smile on his face.


Ben and Taryn said...

Oh too cute!! Happy Birhday Jaden!! We all love him so much and you too Tara! Hope you are doing ok and can't wait to know what you are having Ü!

Connie & Rob said...

That was one of the funnest birthday parties I've ever been to. The squirt gun idea was a real hit! All the Grandmas even got squirted!! And it was pretty funny watching when Jay got drenched. I'm sure he had no idea what was going on - just in the right place at the right time!! It was just a lovely afternoon and evening with Jay's family.