Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Years Eve!

We went to Laura's house for New Years Eve this year.  We had lots of yummy food and played.  Ethan got a little too curious about the pigs in a blanket and ended up with a burn on his cheek from the pan.  The worst part is I didn't know where he got burned.  I put a cold rag on his face and he said.  "NO!  It's my hand!!"  Then he didn't even want it on his hand.  A while later the long blister showed up.  I didn't take a close up, but you can see it a little on his right cheek.  Poor guy.  He got over it quick though and had fun playing with the kids.

Jayden wanted to take LOTS of pictures :)

Everyone else played games, but Jay and I just relaxed and watched the tv festivities.  (Well, okay, I kept interrupting the game with my questions :)  It looked like a fun game!)  We were party poopers and left before 11, but it was a fun night.  We sang happy birthday to Laura before we left.

The Kids are being candles while we sang :).

We forgot Kayleigh's coat :(  She wasn't very happy with our alternative...

But she was warm!! Happy new year!

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