Monday, January 18, 2010

Kayleigh's Birthday Part two!!

We had a second birthday party for Kayleigh so we could celebrate it with Jay's family.  It was a really fun, low maintenance party.  (I am a more the merrier kind of girl and love our big families, but it is less stressful cooking for less people).  I made a second attempt at fondant...  Better, but still not good.  BTW, if anyone knows what I am doing wrong to make it not lay flat on the sides LET ME KNOW!  There was a great big flap on the back that I had to fold over, not to mention the ripples on the side there :(.  In spite of their imperfections, I still was happy with them.  It's fun to try and improve.

Aunt Nickie bought Kayleigh a beautiful dress from China town while she was visiting her family.

Deja vu?

I STILL don't like my hand shoved in my cake!!

It didn't take long to get her involved this time.

"Daddy, don't eat Kayleigh's cake!"  He's so protective of his siblings!  He is also the first one to protest if he thinks we are going to leave Jayden home.  Yes, we have threatened to leave him home alone.  And yes, we are evil, manipulative parents :).  He also flips if he thinks daddy will forget to wait till I get in the car to leave.  It's pretty funny, except to Jay who has to listen to the screaming. :)

Kayleigh didn't seem to mind, but her eyes never left daddy.  She was very curious what he was doing.

I love the look on her face in this one.

Can I have a lick?

All gone!

She loved her talking elmo.

In fact, in this pic she had just tried to dive at Jayden in an attempt to grab him!  Luckily she fell toward daddy.

Ethan still wouldn't put down his beloved traveling darth vader.

Jayden and Koda kept running in and hiding under the table.

Can you see why? :)

Ethan's gonna get me!

Doesn't he look pretty?  I love how half of his hand is hanging out :)

Here is how the snowman progressed...

Good Job everyone!!  We loved our opera singer.

I totally messed up this one, but since everyone else looked so cute, I had to post it :)

What cute cousins!


Manda Jane said...

I don't know what you are talking about, your cakes are always so dang cute!!! I'm jealous!

demoux family said...

Those cakes are amazing...I am all about cakes from a box. Looks like she had a really great party (both times).

p.s. The primary is really lucky to have you.