Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just a little update...

I updated my paragraph on our family "browntown" blog and ended up writing a BOOK.  So I decided to post it here too.

We have been married 8 years, and have spent the last 7 living in West Valley. We love our neighbors, and our ward. Jay is a plumber with Harris Dudley plumbing. He will have to tell you his favorite hobbies, but I know he likes to play with our boys! He is a fun daddy. He is currently working with our deacons in the ward. This makes me happy because I taught most of them in primary and LOVE them. I feel like they are lucky to have Jay and he is lucky to have them :).

I (tara) am a homemaker, and am in the primary in our ward. I never imagined myself loving primary. I spent years avoiding it, or wishing I could avoid it. Now I can't imagine myself anywhere else. I can't believe how amazing, strong, and smart kids are these days. They inspire me to want to be better. I feel blessed to know all of them. I like to sew, and cook, when I get to do fun recipes anyway! My kids all amaze and humble me. I don't know why I am so fortunate! I KNOW I don't deserve them.

Jayden is so observant and seems to pick up on everything! He is constantly asking questions about why this is and what that thing I said means. It really keeps me on my toes! I have to really watch what I say. Not to mention educate myself so I can answer his questions! :) He loves transformers and constantly has one in hand. He loves to be creative and draw things himself, he never wants a coloring book, just blank paper. And then he'll show me all of the sharks, lions, whales, rainbows that he has drawn. He will list a hundred different items on one page, all in great detail.  He loves his new art supplies we bought.  I am so fond of the way he calls them "art supplies".  We bought several simple things to make different fun projects (scissors, glue, pom poms, pipe cleaners...).  It was like Christmas for him!  He is starting to understand gospel principles and it is so fun for me to see his testimony growing. I LOVE his gospel questions.

Ethan is my little sweet, sensitive man. He loves both Jayden and Kayleigh. He likes to play with Jayden, though I don't know why they play together...it so frequently ends in one or the other crying ;). He always wants to pat Kayleigh and help her. He is sometimes a little too rough and doesn't understand why I restrict his access to her. You know, like when he is "patting" her head with impressive force, or grabbing and pulling whatever limb is closest to him... All of those things that elicit screams of protest from Kayleigh. "But I just want to talk to her!"..."But I just want to pet her!" etc.. It makes him very sad. He does want to be nice, he will often offer her a toy or bring her bottle to her.  He simply doesn't know his own strength I guess.  He is obsessed with music, he absolutely loves it, any and every kind.  He also loves to talk about Jesus. One of my favorite memories of him was one week when I had to bring him home early from church. He was SO distraught and told me "Jesus wants me at church!" He loves his "friends" at school. I put it in parenthesis because he uses that term frequently lately. We'll go to the doctor or the store and he'll say, "Look at all of these friends!" SO CUTE. Jayden and Ethan both go to preschool and though it is only two hours four times a week for both of their classes, I feel like it keeps me pretty busy.

Kayleigh just turned one and she is so smart, and so involved in everything! She clearly wants to be as big as her brothers right now.  In fact her main pet peeve is just being tied down.  She doesn't want to be contained in a car seat, on a lap or anywhere else unless there is plenty of entertainment!  She is quick to smile and laugh, and has the funniest, low growly laugh. :). She loves peek a boo, reading, or any song or game that involves her. She actually initiates most of our peek a boo sessions. Tonight she covered her eyes with her hands and laid her face on my leg. Then after lots of coaxing. "PEEEEEEK, where's Kayleigh? Where did my Kayleigh go?" She'd peek up with a big grin, let out a low growl and grab my leg or arm to pinch/scratch"tickle" me. Cutest thing ever! She is quite the handful, and so adorable that we probably let her get away with too much!  She's our little sweetheart.

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