Friday, January 2, 2009

Tribute to my Toy lovin' men

I got some cute pictures in the "toy room" and I wanted to take a minute to say how much I love to see them all play together. For those few who don't know, Jay has a toy hobby and he has shared it with our boys. I just wanted to say how grateful I am to Jay that he spends so much time with Jayden and Ethan. He has a room that is their special room to play together in. They have certain toys that they only play with in there and the boys beg to play with daddy in the toy room. Jayden said tonight, "I like daddy, he's my best friend" He is SUCH a daddy's boy! I admit, I have been a little hurt on occasion at his refusal to hold my hand or walk with me when daddy is around. (Daddy is lots more fun :) But I would not have it any other way. Thank you Jay, for taking the time to build relationships and make them feel important.

These pics below are Ethan at one of his favorite current pass times. He loves to "ride horsie". He is doing so well! He has almost mastered walking, and uses that as much as crawling for transportation. He is so fun to be around. When he is excited about something, you know it! He uses this high voice. I don't want to talk too much about Christmas since that is my next blog topic, but Christmas was so fun for us because every gift he opened he was extremely excited about. Another thing he does that I love is he restates what you say. Like I'll be telling him we are going bye bye and he'll say "bye bye?" Then I'll say, "We are going to see grandma" "Grandma?" So I'll have a conversation with him and he restates the last part of every statement. It is so much fun. He'll make a great missionary, don't you think? He does the same thing when we help him say prayers. He just says the last couple of words of each sentence. Some of my favorite things he says are "Ceeute" (cute with a e sound). "Baby Ceeute", "Doggy Ceeute", "Daddy Ceeute"; and "cool" "trasfomers cool" "Jayden cool". He'll say an excited "Ohh" when you answer his questions. Like he is so thrilled to learn something new. He does say "Jayden be nice" And he says okay a lot...Like "I don't want to, okay?" I love it! He actually speaks very well and I am always suprised at how much I understand of what he says. And how perfectly he enunciates some of his words.
Jayden is getting to be such a big boy too. He is a great helper, and likes to help with chores and other things we are working on. He seems to take a lot of pride in being a good brother especially now with a little sister. I am getting ahead of myself since I haven't blogged about her yet. She just came home today and I have been suprised at how much Jayden has enjoyed her. He called her his baby and wants to know where she is all of the time and has spent a unexpected amount of time near her and talking about her. He said "I love the baby SOOO MUCH!"
Some other cute quotes from him lately are "Jesus is nice, he not bite me." He has also substituted daddy, and dogs or cats to that statement... He says things are beautiful. He tells daddy not to chew on things because they have chemicals in them. He also says that you can't put poop or boogers in your mouth because they have germs in them. (these come from me because I don't want him chewing on his toys... or playing in his poop or eating his boogers...) Do you think I will give him a complex? He says "Sure!" instead of yes lots of times and he tells us we are silly. "Boys can't do that silly!"
Both of them are such fun! Kids are the best thing in the whole world!

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