Friday, January 2, 2009

Decorating the tree, Snowmen and Temple Square

Our first notable event of december was decorating for Christmas. Ethan and Jayden loved setting up our little people nativity, but they liked it too much to let it stay that way for long.
Jayden helped a lot with the tree this year and Ethan even hung an ornament or two...After taking them off the tree first... ;) Jayden insisted our tree needed a star on top like Caillou's tree. So he colored one star and Ethan colored another. We stapled them together and made our own special tree star. I love to watch them get involved in the Holidays. Each year is more rewarding as they understand more and look forward to things.

Jayden and Daddy made a snowman when it first snowed. It took most of the snow on our yard, but they did it! It was nice for Jayden, because he hasn't liked to play in the snow as much since it has gotten colder. Grandpa Turpin came to build another snowman after our bigger snow storms and Jayden didn't want to be out there for long. Grandpa had to finish it on his own!

We took the boys to temple square for the first time this year. We rode the trax up and it was CROWDED on the way there. We were packed in like sardines! Ethan and I were crammed up against a window and he didn't like to watch everything speeding by. (He is definitely not a thrill seeker) I thought the trip would be a long one, because he objected several times to the train arrangements and even tried to get down a couple of times. He was okay as soon as we reached the temple grounds. We didn't stay long, it was very cold! It was fun to show them all of the lights and the temple. Jayden's favorite part on the grounds was the water. He loved all of the fountains and particularly the pool. Overall though, Jayden liked the train the best. He has talked about riding on the train ever since. And wants to ride on one again every time we hear or see one. Ethan enjoyed the ride home on the train as well. It wasn't as crowded and he got his own seat. He really likes to be a big boy. Also, he couldn't see how fast the train was going from his spot. That was helpful too. He met lots of new friends. He flirted with the lady across from him and two other people wanted to talk to him too :) I loved it. We haven't been there for years and it is so beautiful. I just love the feeling of the Christmas season! Being near the temple brings to mind not only the reason for Christmas, but the most amazing blessings that the Savior has made possible for us. Thinking of spending eternity with my precious family brings more joy than any other gift ever could.
Jayden and daddy in their favorite seat
Ethan's flirtatious smile... He was playing it shy :)


Ben and Taryn said...

So great! I'm glad you had a great Christmas and a healthy baby girl to boot. I loved how you made your star tree topper. We didn't have one this year cause I couldn't find one I liked and making one would have been awesome. I'll have to keep that in mind for next year. Can't wait to see more pctures of Kayleigh and to meet her in person. Love your family tons!!

Connie and Rob said...

I'm feeling very grateful for whoever invented this blog thing. It's so fun to see the things your family is doing together. And it's fun for Grandma to see the little boys (and little girl!) and read some of the words they say. It makes me feel closer. It makes me smile to think of the toy room, the train, the Christmas tree and the Temple grounds. Love you all tons!!