Friday, February 13, 2009

25 Things...

This is 25 random things about me from a tag on facebook. I just decided to copy it into my blog!

Well, since I have been tagged about 30 times, I suppose I should finally write my 25 things...Here goes...
1. I am the most paranoid person I know. I can't sleep alone in my house. I don't like going out alone at night. When I do go to the store at night I watch for anyone lurking around. Additionally, I have to admit I have occasionally run like an idiot to my car clutching my keys even in a lit parking lot. I insist that our car and house doors remain locked at all times. I was convinced I was being chased multiple times in my childhood... I could go on, but you get the idea. I always fear the possible disasters in any situations, ie: bears or forest fire while camping in the woods... someone drowning in a pool or lake...
2. I am a total homebody. I just love to be home with my husband and kids.
3. I love to cook and to eat. (this is probably not surprising to anyone :)
4. I am very forgetful. I can never find anything and even forget IMPORTANT events. I cried all night recently when I missed something that I had been looking forward to for weeks! Still I forgot it!
5. I served my mission in Mississippi.
6. I met my husband there.
7. I have a whole list of phobias:(see #1), spiders, snakes, anything crawly or slimy, bears and other large animals, heights, fire, water, newspaper, chalk boards, dirt...I know, I'm weird and I spend a lot of time avoiding stuff...
8. I am copying my sister here...I am indecisive... I can't decide which restaurant to go to or which brand or type of thing to buy. Jay and I have actually had a number of arguments over not wanting to be the one to choose where to eat out!
9. I often don't buy things because I have a hard time spending money on something unless I know I will want it forever. I buy practical things that I can see a use for, but beautification items: furniture, carpet, paint, picture frames, clothes, etc... I can never decide (see #8) which color or type I would want so I don't buy anything! If I do buy said item, I have spent a ridiculous amount of time mulling it over :)
10. I am a sucker sales and I LOVE feeling like I got a deal.
11. This also should be no surprise after reading this far, but my husband is a saint!!
12. In spite of my paranoia and indecisiveness, I am a strong and stubborn woman. If something does matter to me I DON'T back down.
13. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world.(see #11)
14. I really enjoy debating ideas, at least when no one gets their feelings hurt.
15. I like to sew, and I would love to learn to do it better.
16. I am very shy and have I difficulty with social situations.
17. If I feel comfortable with you, I will talk your ear off!!
18. I love to watch movies, especially the sappy love stories.
19. I love all kinds of music. A few of my favorites are: Rascall Flatts, Linkin Park, Pat Benatar, Van Morrison, The Supreme's, Il Divo and Josh Groban...But I could go on FOREVER!
20. I love to be outside in beautiful places: I love the mountains, and I loved it in the south in the spring when all of the bushes are blooming. Everything blooms down there!!
21. I would like to learn more about gardening so I could make my yard more beautiful.
22. I love to play sports, but I rarely do because I am terrible at them. I only have fun when I feel like nobody minds that I am terrible :)
23. I love the smell of coffee. It reminds me of my childhood cabin trips. I walk down the coffe aisle in the store just to breathe it in!
24. I wish I could be a better mom. I yell too much and I don't think I discipline correctly.
25. I love singing hymns. They remind me of my grandma Jensen and my mom. They make me feel good and I would love to memorize more of them. :)
I don't know how to tag people, so if you haven't already written one of these, I tag you!!


Jacob and Mindy T. said...

We have A LOT in common! LOL I also love the smell of tastes gross, but I love the smell. I am also paranoid about EVERYTHING. Doors always locked in house, car, etc.

mindy said...

Love movies...check
Love music...check
Love beautiful places...check

Sounds like we could be friends!! :)

Jason, Heidi & Nicholas said...

If you ever need someone to go shopping for furniture, home decorations, etc. I would be more then willing to go with you and choose it all. But, only if we can find some smoking deals. Bargain shopping is glorious!
Love ya Taranoid!

Tara said...

Thanks Heidi!!

Connie and Rob said...

I love everything about you. You are also a huge caretaker - always making sure everybody is OK. I'm sorry you think you yell too much, but I've seen you choose to be mild on many occassions as well. Your children will never doubt that you love them.