Friday, October 3, 2008

Two trips to Logan

On the weekend after the fair, we trekked up to Logan to spend a day with Jay's friend John and his family. The boys had lots of fun playing with their girls and we got to catch up with our friends. My favorite part of the day was at this pizza place that had a pool table and some arcade games. Ethan loves driving "cars" so much that he was happy to spend all of his time on this game with a steering wheel. We didn't even have to put money in it! :) Jayden and daddy played a shooting game together. Jayden loves to be a big boy and do what daddy is doing. We watched a movie and got home pretty late that night.
Ginger had planned a trip to Logan the following weekend. Jay had already agreed to help his dad with a bathroom upgrade project so he couldn't go. He spent his Saturday with a jack hammer, pounding out cement in both of his Dad's duplex apartments and his basement. They are going to put bathrooms in all of them. When he finally got home, his hair and clothes were completely grey with dust. (And that was after they tried to brush it all off!) He left before I did in the morning and got home after so the poor guy was REALLY tired.
I decided to go with the rest of the family on their trek to Logan. When we went last weekend, we didn't do any of our favorite things to do up there. The day seemed fated to be a disaster. From the beginning, nothing seemed to be going right. First, Ginger ended up not going. We had all planned to accompany her, and we were so excited to go, Me, Crystal, and Mom went anyway. Me and the kids rode with mom and paige and Crystal took her kids and David. We got to Maddox without too much problem, and were mostly through with dinner when Jayden decided he wanted to get down because "I'm done!" I tried to explain to him that at restaurants, we stay in our seats until time to leave, but he threw a HUGE tantrum. Screaming "I'm done! many MANY times and crying at his top volume. I first tried the ignore him and hope he stops method, but I grew more embarrassed by the minute as he drew more and more stares in our direction. I finally dragged him screaming through the ENTIRE restaurant so that everyone else could enjoy his bad behavior. My face, I am sure was purple in sheer mortification. We finally reached the bathroom where I locked him in a stall with me until he calmed down. It seemed like forever, and I could hear that people were commenting on him, but luckily his screaming kept me from hearing precisely what they said. He finally got back rational thinking and I explained that we could leave the bathroom if he agreed to quietly sit in his chair until time to go. I went back and tried to finish my dessert and pack up, still filled with embarrassment every time I saw those who witnessed my bad parenting skills :) I felt limp and tired walking out of the restaurant. My arms were shaking holding Ethan and I felt that I could barely make the trip to the car. At that moment I wondered what the heck I was thinking, taking a trek like this pregnant without my husband to help me. In hindsight, their melt in your mouth rolls and amazing peach pie made it all worthwhile. Mmmm, I want some more right now. :) Sad that my stomach has so much control over my motivations huh?
I was happy for the time in the car on the way to Logan. By the time we got to the Zoo I felt pretty renewed. Of course, I forgot to bring a stroller so I had to carry Ethan through it. Luckily, it is pretty small and Crystal helped me carry him so it wasn't too bad. When we got to the cheese factory, they were out of their cheese curds. This may seem like a stupid thing to be disappointed about, but it is the main reason we came to logan so we were a little sad. We sat and ate ice cream and Jayden finished his whole cone for the first time.
The cherry on top of the trip was in Logan canyon on the ride home. Jayden started crying and after some coaxing admitted he needed to go potty. We pulled over and I made him pee at the side of the road. It was as I pulled his pants up that I noticed the reason he had been crying. Apparently, he had a little diahrrea problem and had pooped in his pants. It wasn't a whole lot but because he had been sitting tied down in his car seat, it went up his back and on his shirt. So I dragged him further away from the road and proceeded to strip him in front of the hundreds of people driving by. I cleaned him up as good as I could with wipes but didn't have a spare outfit for him. So I put one of ethan's diapers on him and he rode the rest of the way home in a diaper and socks. It would seem that I would want to forget a day like that right? But we really did have a lot of fun, and in spite of my tiredness by the end, I was not sorry I went. I guess day's like that give us lots to laugh about later. I'm already chuckling a little today writing this, and I've only had a week to recover! :)


Candice said...

That sounds like what I go through every time I try to do something without Randall. I'm not nearly as positive about it as you are, though. I definintely wouldn't be chuckling until AT LEAST a month had passed. Those rolls and pie do sound pretty good right now. Ü

Ben and Taryn said...

I had an experience with Stryder after picking him up from his first day of kindergarten, that was embarassing. I went to Target and he wanted a toy but I told him only if he was good and stayed by me and the cart. Well of course he didn't so he didn't get a toy and needless to say, my FIVE year old threw the biggest tantrum I have ever seen him throw and had to be carried out of the store, kicking and screaming. I was ready to kill him and die myself. So you are not alone. I do admire you though for having adventures like that with or without your husband!

Laur-annie said...

I think every mom get's to go through that at some point! Dalton threw his fit at Taryn's dad's Smith's store! Thank heaven he is older now and past that for the most part. Now he is entering the whining stage. So see there is always something to look forward to!! Love you! Laura