Friday, October 3, 2008

The State Fair

These are the only pics we got that day. My camera battery was dying (as usual!) and so we just took these before we left. BTW, Jayden was the permanent marker artist who colored my sheet :)

We have had so much going on this month! And as always, when life is busiest, I don't take enough time to write about it... So here goes. Our first fun weekend activity was the State fair. We took Jayden for the first time last year. He had so much fun we decided it had to be a new tradition for us. The first thing we found was a candy booth that sold old fashioned rock candy suckers. They kept the boys happy for the whole day. (except when we had to take them away during our trek through all of the animal barns. Ethan WAS NOT happy about that!) He forgot his anger though once he saw the cows. He really seemed to like all of the animals, probably more than Jayden did.

Jayden is in a stage where he has realized that some animals aren't nice and so he is a little leary of all of them. In fact, he completely flips out if he is in close contact with a cat or our neighbors feeble three legged dog. She came in our yard while we were playing outside a few weeks ago. He started crying with terrible panic, ran in the house and wouldn't come out until she was COMPLETELY out of the yard. It is so weird that Jayden didn't want her around. He has always loved her and used to run up to the fence connecting our yards to talk to her all the time! And she really is a helpless dog...and sweet too. She is so old she can barely hobble along on her three legs. We had some conflict that day, because Ethan LOVES animals and was equally distraught when we took her out of the yard. So Jayden had to hang out in the house for a while so he could have a little time with her. Ethan is so gentle when he pets animals it is adorable! He barely touches their fur and says "ooohhhh" in this tender little voice. He even does that when we are reading a book that has a bunny or a puppy in it :).

Back to the fair...Jayden was happy to see the animals, he just didn't want to get too close. Ethan on the other hand extended his little pointer finger and reached out trying to touch any animal close enough to reach. I was a little worried, because the way his finger was extended, I feared the animals would think he was offering it to them! In fact, I held him back in the barns with the roosters and the bunnys :) I think Jayden liked the rides best. He and daddy rode a few rides, and just like Lagoon, he happily marched from ride to ride, choosing which ones he wanted. Ethan was happier watching with his sucker. We made him ride this tame little train that just went in a circle. Jay even held him on his lap, but he was not happy. So we decided not to torture him... I guess he is more like mommy, at least for now. He didn't even want to be close at all. We parked by this little kids roller coaster to watch Jayden and daddy ride it, and every time it would come near us, his eyes would get huge and he would start shaking like a leaf! I don't know if it was the noise, that it was a snake or if he thought it was going to run him over, but his behavior scared me. He didn't even cry, it was like he was too scared to... I had to back up for fear he would have some kind of a seizure.

The one activity they both liked was a little exhibit called little hands on the farm. They got to put on aprons and pretend to plant a seed, pick an apple, drive a tractor, etc... Then at the end they "sold" all of their products from the farm to a grocery store and got a "dollar" to exchange for a treat :) We had a great time and can't wait till next year!

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