Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lagoon Day!

Last Monday, (June 2 2008) we went for a fun day at Lagoon. We had planned to go for months on the first weekday they opened. I admit to feeling a little apprehension since I have NOT been feeling well with this pregnancy. But I was excited and hopeful that at least Jay and the kids would have fun. The day turned out much better than I could have ever imagined. I had such a great time I want to go again! Let me first say I had little hope that Jayden or Ethan would willingly get on any rides. We had gone to wheeler farm for a little mother's day carnival only a few weeks earlier. They had a sedate little train that drove around on the grass. We thought they would love it, but neither Jayden or Ethan had any fun. They provided lots of comic relief for the other parents watching as they screamed in terror through the ENTIRE train ride.

We invited tons of people to come with us, but in the end we had my dad and my two youngest sisters, Jana and Rachel and another Sister Candice, her husband and three kids. Candice is also pregnant and less than a week further than I am. She has had similar problems, so we both took a leap of faith going. Luckily, we brought lots of snacks and tried to rest as much as possible. It was the best day! And I got through it with hardly any problems!! YEAH!
Let me just say that I LOVE the new kids rides that allow parents to ride too. Jay took Jayden on a little swings ride and he was a little concerned. Jay was able to comfort him and he made it through. Then he LOVED all of the other ones! They went on a pirate ship one and two that took them up in the air and dropped them. I think those, the space ships and the cars were his favorite. The space ships were a little adjustment, because they were the first one he went on without daddy. But after that he was a wild man! He couldn't get enough and as soon as he would leave one ride, he had already picked out the one he wanted to go on next! Luckily, Jay spent most of the day with us so he did the majority of the work. I was also incredibly grateful for Dad and Jana and Rachel's help. The girls took the kids on rides while Jay and Randall rode some "big boy" rides, and Dad helped to watch the little ones while we took the bigger kids from ride to ride. We got to Lagoon barely after it opened at 11, and stayed till the kids rides closed at 9:30 and Jayden STILL didn't want to leave!! He also rode the tidal wave, the rattle snake rapids, space scrambler and tilt whirl!! (twice each!) His enjoyment is what made the day so special for Jay and I. I hope I never forget the look on his face!

Beside a ride on the rattlesnake rapids, and the Odysea I mostly just pushed Ethan around in the stroller all day. Ethan did not enjoy the rides nearly so much, and seemed to tolerate riding in the stroller and watching pretty well. At times I felt bad because it seemed like he wanted to get on the rides with Jayden and Daddy. However, the few rides we made him go on eased my mind on this subject. We rode the merry go round several times. He loved the animals, but would immediately get tense when it would start to move. I made the mistake of putting him on a moving animal first and he panicked first and ended up crying a lot throughout. The second time we rode in a little rocking chair so I could hold him. He still cried a couple of times during that ride!! I think his favorite was a bright, colorful (NON MOVING) dragon. He enjoyed petting the "goggy's " (doggy) mane and I was able to distract him when he got scared by telling him to pet the doggy. The only other ride we made him try was a little boat ride that just floated around in a ring of water. He cried through that ride and was happy to come back to mommy. Oh, he did enjoy the train ride through the park.

We got to watch Jay and Randall go on the catapult. (that is a big ball they shoot up in the air and it bounces around crazily for a while) I was really excited for Jay. Most of his close friends and his wife are all big chickens! He has never had anyone willing to go with him on the really big rides before. I know he enjoyed it, and the other roller coasters, but he said his favorite part of the day his time with Jayden. (Isn't he a sweetie?) By the end of the night we were TIRED, but I have to say it was the best day I've had in I can't remember how long. There is nothing so precious as fun times together with family!


Taryn said...

That is so awesome Tara! Jay is such a good dad for doing that. I'm glad you and Candice were able to enjoy the trip too considering your conditions. Love ya guys!

Rachel said...

It really was such a fun day! I put some pictures up on my page, if you haven't seen yet, that I need to put on Snapfish as well because the one with Jayden and Jay on the Dinosaur/Egg ride is CLASSIC! Love ya!

The Brownlemmons said...

Jess and I both wanted to go, but unfortunately work got in the way. Granted both of our schedules can be pretty demanding. It was still nice to see the pics though. I will always remember the yearly Lagoon trips when we were younger. It is so fun to see the next generation starting those same memories.

Candice said...

How the heck did I not know that your blog is up and running?! I knew you were setting it up the other night, I just didn't think you finished it. I'm so glad we were able to go to Lagoon together. It was the best day I've had in a long time, and I've since tried to figure out how I felt so good that day. I've tried opening all the windows in my house in case it was the fresh air...eating similar things...and I still feel like crap! Oh well! I guess I'll just be grateful I was able to have such an amazing day with you all. Thanks for inviting us!